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Super Team for
ARX Supercars

    • Rallycross teammates

      Since they were little kids, Loenbro founders Paul and Jon Leach have been racing – bikes, snowmobiles, cars. You name it, they raced it. Now the dream of having their own race team has come true:

      •  Loenbro Motorsports will again be racing as a solo team for the 2019 season.
      • Their two-car team will compete in the Supercar class of the ARX Rallycross series.

      From Paul:

      “We are really excited to for the upcoming season. We have built a team committed to excellence, innovation and winning with integrity. Those are values we embrace at Loenbro, and we are proud to bring them to Loenbro Motorsports.”

  • From Jon:

    “Everyone I tell is completely excited about our team. I was really surprised how many people I’ve talked to are into Rallycross because it is such a new thing. But it is really catching on. We have a lot of racing fans in the company.”

    Recruiting Boost:

    Not only are there lots of racing fans at Loenbro, but fans abound in the energy services and construction industry. That presents a huge opportunity for Loenbro:

    • Expect millennial fans to see and know Loenbro as a company on the go
    • The company profile is raised and gets in front of decision makers looking for quality contractors
Race team

Ready for Rallycross!

The Loenbro Motorsports Racing Team
is rarin’ to go.

What will they race?

The team will race two Ford Fiesta STs in the 2019 ARX Rallycross series.


The exact schedule has not yet been announced, but the team will race in US venues from coast to coast.

Who is behind the wheel?

Stay tuned!!

Big Sky boost:

Paul and Jon Leach, founders of Loenbro,
hope Montana racing fans will rally around
a high-powered team competing on a
national circuit—owned by a
homegrown Montana company.

Building support:

Viewing parties, contests and other events are being discussed as ways to involve the community in the excitement of the series.

From Paul:

“We will have great drivers and we can’t wait to cheer them on. We’ll earn success through hard work and determination. Folks at Loenbro can identify with that.”

Racing season

  • Round 1: COOPER TIRES ARX OF MID-OHIO (June 8-9)
  • Round 2-3: ARX OF GATEWAY, MADISON, ILLINOIS (July 13-14)
  • Round 4: ARX OF CANADA (August 3-4)
  • Round 5: ARX OF COTA, AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 28)
Race team